“Fitting in” – stereotypes¬†

Stereotypes have an effect on everyone’s life even if you don’t think or feel like they do. 

Females are stereotyped with wearing makeup, having short shirts , wearing dresses , being skinny and being weak and vulnerable to list only a few . We surround ourselves with images or what we think people expect from us or expect us to be but we are more than the list of demands “society” wants us to be like . If you ever feel like “society”  doesnt accept you , don’t feel down or sad , be happy because it shows that you are confident enough to question the beauty standards and just be yourself   . You be you because no one else can do it for you . Remember you are the only you on this earth so go wild . No one say you are not doing you right , not acting right , not dressing right , not saying the right thing . They’re only saying that because they haven’t seen someone like you because you are the only you .

Let’s talk about male stereotypes . Males are stereotyped as being strong , dominant , sexist , angry , stubborn and stereotyped to play or watch sports to list just a few . These stereotypes shine men in a bad light but it doesn’t mean you have to be , go around in makeup , hate sport , go against the rules because after all no one can be you for you.